Drywall underfloor heating: what, what for and your benefits!

Drywall underfloor heating

What is dry floor heating? 

Dry floor heating, also known as dry floor heating, is a form of floor heating in which the heating system is not installed in a moist substrate, such as concrete or mortar. Instead, the system is installed on top of the existing floor, which means it is dry and easy to install.

This makes it a popular type of floor heating for renovation projects or for buildings where it is difficult to access the substrate. 

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Underfloor heating dry construction, when is it interesting?

Drywall underfloor heating is a good option to consider in case you are planning a renovation project or if you want to install new flooring in an existing space, such as with a wood subfloor. This type of underfloor heating is easy to install because it does not require any changes to the subfloor, such as laying concrete or mortar.

In addition, this underfloor heating system is an energy-efficient heating system, as it can better retain and conduct heat. If you are unsure if it is suitable for your situation, please contact us. 

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What price for drywall underfloor heating?

Drywall underfloor heating costs can vary depending on the size of the room, the efficiency of the system and installation costs. Therefore, it is difficult to give a clear answer here. At R Floorzz, we understand that you want to know where you stand before you make a choice. That's why we want to offer you the option to have your costs calculated without obligation, so you can make an informed choice. Press the button below to have your costs calculated.

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How does drywall underfloor heating work?

Drywall floor heating works through a prefabricated heating system installed under the floor. This can be done either electrically or with R Floorzz's (pre-milled) underfloor heating plates. The pre-milled plates work the same as a milled subfloor, with tubes through which heated water flows. R Floorzz's underfloor heating plates are specially designed to fit any subfloor. Because the plates are optionally pre-milled, this floor heating system is easy and quick to lay. The heated water conducts to the floor, warming the room.


Which floor can go on drywall underfloor heating?

There are several types of flooring suitable for drywall underfloor heating, including tile, wood flooring, laminate and vinyl. It is important to choose a floor that is suitable for use with underfloor heating because some materials conduct better than others.

It is also important to consider the type of insulation used, as this can affect how well the floor conducts heat. Do you want to know which floor goes well with underfloor heating? Then get in touch, we are happy to think with you!

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Can I combine drywall underfloor heating with insulation?

Yes, it is possible to combine this type of underfloor heating with insulation. This can help retain heat better and reduce energy costs. There are several ways to combine underfloor heating and insulation, depending on the type of insulation used and how it is installed.


Combination underfloor heating and insulation

One way to combine underfloor heating and insulation is to install insulation under the underfloor heating. This can be done by using an insulation board or roll that is laid on the subfloor before the underfloor heating is installed. The insulation helps retain and conduct heat to the floor, which can help reduce energy costs.

Another option is to choose R Floorzz floor elements that already have insulation. R Floorzz offers both boards with and without insulation. The advantage of the latter option is that you can be sure to have the best insulation in combination with your floor heating.


What are the advantages of drywall underfloor heating without milling?

This is a low structure.

  • It is not heavy, which makes it easy to combine with several types of subfloors such as a wood or concrete subfloor.
  • The sheets have an insulating effect, this has a positive effect on your efficiency.
  • It is quick to lay, especially with the boards that are pre-milled.
  • It is suitable for multiple floors and apartments.
  • It lies directly under the floor, warming it up quickly.

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