PREFAB 2023: Successful exhibition for R Floorzz

From October 10-12, R Floorzz participated in PREFAB 2023 in the Brabant Hallen in Den Bosch. With clearly visible floor heating in the floor of the stand, prefabricated in its own factory in Barneveld, R Floorzz stood out well, at a fair with many exhibitors and thousands of visitors.


Prefab is hot!


The result of 3 days of fair? Many enthusiastic visitors about the possibilities of R Floorzz, and nice substantive conversations in the booth. Many business cards were exchanged and follow-up appointments for visits were made. Prefab is hot, also in the field of floor heating. That much is clear!


Prefab floor heating is an important part of R Floorzz's total products and services. Prefab floor heating has many advantages over the various traditional ways of laying floor heating.


It really does fit anytime, and on any surface.


The word says it all. With prefab, the client receives everything complete and ready-to-use. All floor panels are fully customized with all slots for the underfloor heating pipes already milled into the floor panels. Panels that can also be delivered in any thickness. So it really always fits, and on any surface, both in width and height.


All that remains is to lay the floor panels in the correct order. And that order, and numbering corresponds completely to the supplied laying plan. Finally, the underfloor heating pipes and distributor(s) are placed, and the prefabricated underfloor heating is laid.


Saving time, because you no longer have to mill.


No dust or other messes that are always released when milling on site, no residual waste when cutting the floor panels to size. And, and this is a very big advantage, time savings. Time saved because there is no more waiting for the milling machine to work. Precast floor heating is therefore perhaps the most perfect way to install floor heating quickly, efficiently and without dust or other mess in any home or office building.


Always an appropriate solution.


Did you not have the opportunity to visit PREFAB, but are you, for example as a contractor, curious about the possibilities of prefab floor heating for your company and/or project(s). R Floorzz is happy to come to you to discuss the possibilities, because we have the right solution for every floor heating challenge.


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